Call Of Duty And Massive Storage Space Issue

Bravo 6, going dark, and there comes Captain Price. When Activision rolled out with the new  Call of Duty Modern Warfare in fall 2019, it had huge expectations. Especially, with the return of the beloved character of Captain John Price, (who has been in the Modern Warfare series since the beginning), fans expected something huge. Well, huge was exactly what we got, it was just too literal. 

Modern Warfare at its launch, already had a huge file size. Now, it was not an issue at all as every AAA title is huge in size and that was an easy pill to swallow. Especially, since this new game had groundbreaking dynamics, and had never seen before gameplay mechanics that it left the community in awe. There were discussions everywhere stating how good this new title was, and how different it was from every other title in this humongous series. Overall, it gave the gamers a whole new immersive experience and was revered as one of the best Call of Duty titles. Coupled with the battle royale mode that came out in a couple of updates later, received a big thumbs up from the whole community. 

This is where things get a bit more complicated. Every person who plays video games has been at this place at one point in time when one or more software (especially other games) have to be deleted from the storage device to make space for a new release, and there is nothing wrong with that. But when that number of deletions keep on growing every 30-40 days, then it is a problem. And voila! That’s Modern Warfare for you. The developers are releasing these massive updates about every 40 days. Now, there are absolutely no problems with having updates. In fact, updates are a must for fresh content, bug fixes and otherwise, overall user experience. Also, some of these massive updates were justified, for instance, the battle royale update. It was justified to have an update of 20 gigs. But just to update the season change, an update of 37 gigs is required! 

And with these back to back massive updates, storage spaces on the systems are running out. This game continues to balloon up and takes up over 200 gigs of space after the release of another hefty patch. Yes, that was not a typing error, it does take up more than 200 gigs and developers show no signs of stopping. Moreover, not everyone has the systems with the highest specifications, and this game is extremely CPU intensive. So, with every update, many users have to wait for another patch release that optimizes the game a little bit, but before we can blink, and things stabilize, another massive update comes.

There is no doubt in the fact that this game is amazing. Personally speaking, I have been a Call of Duty fanboy since forever, but the developers really need to come out with a way to solve this issue. One solution could be a way to delete files that are required to play Campaign and Special Ops modes, because taking an eagle’s eye view, not many people replay these after completing this twice or thrice. But a solution is really required for this issue, this title has already exceeded file size limits, and if it keeps on expanding, the users are going to be left with no other option than uninstalling and eventually decreasing the player base.