Newly armed Indian army on China border will drop enemy aircraft in one shot!!

Indian Soldiers At the Line Of Actual Control (LAC).

For more than a year, Indian and Chinese forces have been stationed on the frontline of the war on the Ladakh border. Keeping an eye on the Chushul outskirts of eastern Ladakh, 150 km from Leh.

Garuda Special Force personnel armed with Negev light machine guns, Tver-21, and AK-47 assault rifles have been deployed at the forward base of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh.

In addition, Russian-origin man-portable air defense systems have been deployed to destroy enemy aircraft and helicopters in Nyoma.

Soldiers of the Indian Air Force, equipped with this air defense system, is stationed at the forward base can destroy fast-moving aircraft and helicopters.

On the outskirts of Eastern Ladakh, 200 km from Leh, Indian Army soldiers and tanks are ready to rescue China's sixes. Indian Army personnel are stationed in the temperature below zero at an altitude of 16000 to 18000 feet.

Even though the Indian and Chinese armies have withdrawn their troops at this time, but it is clear from the attitude of the Indian Army that it does not want to leave any stone unturned in its preparations against China on any front.

In Nyoma, T-90 tanks of the Indian Army are shouting against Bhishma and BMP China in a valley spread over thousands of miles along the Indus river. If needed, in a few minutes, these tanks can enter the border of China and destroy its bases.

For more than a year, India has deployed the T-90 Bhishma tank, considered the world's most accurate tank, in eastern Ladakh. With its deployment, it is being considered as the biggest show of strength of the Indian Army in Ladakh.

The T-90 Bhishma tank has a missile attack shield. It has a powerful 1000 horsepower engine. It is capable of covering a distance of 550 km in one go. Its weight is 48 tons. It is one of the light tanks in the world. It has the ability to fight the enemy day and night.

Along with this, thousands of soldiers of the Indian Army are present in difficult conditions in every hill and valley from where China can infiltrate. Indian Army does not want to give any chance to China after the bloody encounter with Galvan.