Twitter Changed Its Font

 Twitter is rolling out a new font named Chirp to their app and feed. Yes, the daily browsing through the app is about to feel a little different than it used to. Twitter’s main Twitter account tweeted out saying “wait did our font change?” and then added another tweet to it saying “okay confirmed it did”.

Chief Marketing Officer at Twitter tweeted out saying “We also created a new typography that’s flexible and expressive, bold, agile and fun, reflecting the voices that make Twitter, Twitter. We named it Chirp”

While not everyone has received the update yet as some people can only see the change on the web and the iOS app while some aren’t seeing a change, it will be a mass rollout where it will change for everyone. 

Twitter said that this new chirp font is part of a bigger brand refresh the company has been working on, the plans for which were unveiled in January. In a Twitter blog post, the company said “Chirp strikes the balance between messy and sharp to amplify the fun and irreverence of a Tweet, but can also carry the weight of seriousness when needed”

Back in January, Twitter used the Chirp font in things like promotional material and graphics, but the font seen in the feed and across the app was a different one. The company’s global creative director Derrit DeRouen said in a thread that it has been his “personal desire” to make Chirp the default typeface. 

“Do we eventually see Chirp as the typeface for the product? It's my personal desire, and the work on legibility, density and weight has already begun. There is more refining to do, more languages to build, but the hard work will be worth the benefit of having a holistic brand.”

The new font also comes with a fun easter egg: all you have to do is type [CHIRPBIRDICON] in the tweet compose box and hit send. It must be “chirp”, “bird” & “icon” all put together with no spaces and all caps.

Twitter Accessibility twitter out all the other changes that come along as part of this font and design refresh. “Today we release updates for colors & typography! See @TwitterDesign post for full details. The A11Y updates are:

- Higher color contrast of buttons, links, focus

- Easier reading with left-aligned text & more space between text

- Fewer distracting gray things”